Fierbinteanu is an art-pop music duo consisting of Gabriela Fierbinteanu (vocals) and Cristian Fierbinteanu (computer, bass, vocals). Their current project is the interdisciplinary The Great Scheme Of Things, consisting of an LP, a performance involving dance, visuals and theatrical elements, a concert and an experimental film made up of the videos of all the songs on the album. The Great Scheme Of Things can also take the shape of an art installation or an editorial project.

Created, recorded and produced in the past three years, the music of The Great Scheme Of Things is at the core of the performance that has been featured in several national art festivals, so far. It's a committed message to humanity, in this day and age. Its authors aim at philharmonic grandeur with a pop-punk aesthetic, using everyday realities, human beliefs and modern illusions such as love, civil rights, pornography, socialism, capitalism, God, Satan, Elvis and New York, among other topics.

Active in Bucharest/Romania, Fierbinteanu are the winners of the Antonin Dvorak remix contest organised by the Czech Centre, and they performed live on some of the most important European scenes, including Berlin Konzerthaus.

They are also members of Plurabelle, an electronic music project, with Alex Bala. Their debut LP, "Phantom Pyramid", was released in 2014 by the French label Stellar Kinematics.

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