Fierbinteanu is an art-pop music duo consisting of Gabriela Fierbinteanu (vocals) and Cristian Fierbinteanu (computer, bass, vocals). Active in Bucharest/Romania, they performed live on several important European scenes, including Berlin Konzerthaus, and released albums via Local Records (independent Romanian label). Their work have been presented in international contemporary art festivals, Fierbinteanu being the winners of multiple "best" video and music awards.

Their most recent project is "The Great Scheme Of Things", an interdisciplinary concept consisting of an LP, a performance involving dance, visuals and theatrical elements, a concert and an experimental film made up of videos of all the songs on the album.

"The Great Scheme Of Things" revolves around two main characters - the "real-fake" artists, the decent man and woman - and their encounter with both the relevant and the irrelevant subjects and slogans of our present days agenda. In this environment, the characters are set for a personal, artistic and commercial revolution.

Parts of "The Great Scheme Of Things" were presented at national and international festivals of music, radio and sound art (Phonurgia Nova 2018, Grand Prix Nova 2018), experimental film (BIEFF) and contemporary choreography (the pilot edition of The Regional Choreograhpy Biennale hosted by The National Centre for Dance in Bucharest).

They are also members of Plurabelle, an electronic music project, with Alex Bala. Their debut LP, "Phantom Pyramid", was released in 2014 by the French label Stellar Kinematics

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